A Waterproof and Battery Backup Case! – LifeProof Fre Power Case – iPhone 6 – Review

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  1. I recently bought this for my iPhone 6s. I cant seem to attach the case on and it keeps popping off. Dose this case even work with the 6s? I followed all the instructions and nothing is working.

  2. If had this case for year. I dropped it from three story house kicked it because I was pissed slammed it on rocks still is holding strong. I'm very rough on my stuff because I did contracting. The extra battery life eventually drops. But it's good case for sure I'm going to buy a new one soon.

  3. I got the FrePower case for Christmas and have been very happy with it…until now: I took it apart to clean the screen and to get rid of the "rainbow" look on the screen. Now that I put it back together again, I can't use the volume on/off button anymore (it was working perfectly before!). Any suggestions? I've taken it apart and put it back together several times…still doesn't work.

  4. The screen will not work while underwater because touchscreens operates off of single touching of the screen when underwater there is equal pressure on the screen and the phone cannot tell what your finger apart from the pressure from the water

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