1. Bro..?? I restore a backup on Iphone & i restore a wrong backup. Now there is a Any other person icloud ID comes. I have my Right backup too. If i restore my iphone Then can i restore my backup & that person icloud will remove. ? Bro please Help me..?

  2. Why is it I don't understand why you guys and gals make it look so easy on you tube but yet we take your information and try it and it many times does not work at all. I think we the public when we find a post by you people that if it does not work we need to have a place where we can push a button and make sure you don't post any more on You Tube…that would take care of the ones who post knowing it will not work….

  3. can some one help me whit my iPhone 5 he is hanging in iTunes and i do noth get it out there mebe some one have a backup that he make on iTunes can i have that then

  4. Someone pls help!!
    i've been doing this for the past 12 hours and m getting frustrated because after its done "restoring" it says something about an error has occurred and stays in the apple logo and. someone pls help

  5. With the hepl of your this video my phone is on now,but now i have another problem.when my phon turns on and showing home screen for two minute or three minute and than again goes of and auto turn on and this procedure going on .what to do .please help me .thanks

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