Forgot Restrictions Passcode Recover Quickly – iOS 9 8 7 6 and 5 (iPhone, iPod & iPad)

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Forgot Restrictions Passcode Password Recover Quickly – iOS 9 iOS 8 iOS 7 iOS 6 and iOS 5 (iPhone, iPod & iPad) FREE iPhone 6S 6S Plus 6 6 Plus 5S 5C 5 4S iPod 5 4 iPad Air mini Pro 1 2 3 you can do the same with a jailbreak using cydia but this method is easier whether jailbroken or not….


  1. Fantastic! Thank you very much for this, it worked for me 100%. I've been battling to remember my restrictions code for two years now and this just cracked it for me. iAppleJailbreaker you are a genius!

  2. Thank you so much dude I was up all night just to find something that would help Literally nothing would work and my Iphone is jailbroken but I regreted it but I couldn't remove it but thank you so much

  3. Carefull guys you cannot complete the process using trial version of ibackupbot.So if yor ar planning not to purchase the app and cmplete the actoion using the trial version stop right now and don't waste your time behind this.

  4. Ok, I downloaded icopybot and all is well. But I get the following error when the phone is connected :
    "Couldn't find an iPod database on /var/folders/07/qgr5hwfj0b7d68zkc6z7046c0000gn/T/iPhone Mirror."

    So I can't do anything. I was so excited…Please HELP!!

  5. iCopyBot keeps crashing when I try to connect it, any suggestions? I have already backed up my iPhone, and disabled it automatically syncing with iTunes, so I am pretty confused as to why it's crashing. Any help would be super appreciated, thank you!

  6. I am unable to download this. It keeps going to Safari and I can not open it. I downloaded Thunderbird but that would not open it ether. If I just click on the"download backup bot for Mac, nothing happens. I do not know where it downloaded to. HELP!?

  7. It found my passcode, but it wasn't correct according to the phone. However, I made the mistake of ASSuming that the passcode hadn't changed in the backups. Apparently my son is notorious for changing passcodes. Lesson learned: Make sure you take a backup and USE THAT BACKUP to get the key and salt values.

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