Griffin Survivor Summit iPhone Case Review

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I have tried several iPhone cases. The Griffin Survivor Summit is the latest in my search for the best iPhone case. It is 3 meter drop rated and IPX55 water and dust resistant. This particular model is just for the iPhone but Griffin makes cases for Samsung and other brands as well.

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  1. + Survival On Purpose

    great review so i drop my phone all the time on my third 6S Plus i have tried LifeProof in the past they just end up breaking not very good drop protection.

    I have sussed the Survivor all terrain and have trouble hearing people with that case.

    DO you have that problem with this case?

  2. One question can anyone please answer. Should I look into getting this case or the catalyst waterproof? I have a pool in my back yard I swim in so yeah. Also I want something that's very drop proof

  3. Brian, I used to use the griffin survivor (back on the old iPhone 4 days) but found them too bulky, I had the lifeproof on my 5s but also had a failure on the mute button ( actually split so no longer waterproof) when I got my iPhone 6 I upped the research for a case and settled on a 'Catalyst' case. Very slimline, waterproof to 5m (16.4ft) drop proof to 2m (6.6ft) and has a very unique mute switch ( I've had zero issues with)
    They also fit very nicely on the screen, no air pockets/bubbles like I had on the lifeproof.
    You should check them out if you want a truly waterproof case ( I'm like you I don't plan to swim etc with my phone but I like the peace of mind)
    I highly recommend them, not the cheapest but worth it in my opinion.
    My wife has one too and has had some minor issues on speakerphone ( folk not quite hearing in the car) so am looking at a Bluetooth kit to fix that.

  4. Thanks Brian for another great video, only I have the Droid Turbo II with the unbreakable screen. I love it. It is my first smart phone, before I was just getting old hand me downs.

  5. Great review. I work at a technology/office supply retailer, and I found that good, honest reviews of phone cases is hard to come by. Most reviews batter the case until it is destroyed where your review shows the normal conditions in which this case is meant to work. Thank as always Bryan.

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