Help me! Apple Computer GOT HACKED !!

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My Apple Macbook Pro and iPhone were hacked by my iCloud. For security reasons, all the details of my compromise, Apple confiscated the laptop. entertainment time!
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  1. Joe, I think what you might need to do is get a job, mate. Then you'll at least have something to do which may or may not give you something to vlog about. The Cambridge uploads were excellent, why, because you had stuff to do which you could talk about. Now I see you beginning to drift a wee bit. Oh, maybe go see Harry. He'll give you a proper kick in the pants. Sorry to come at you with a slightly negative vibe – I'm just trying to help. Do you remember Nuzzle and Scratch? Even they tried to get jobs. There's only so far your dazzling personality and slick editing can get you. Content, man, content.

  2. it actually disturbs me that you're not doing daily vlogs already so can you please just do it rather than talk about it cos thats weird tbh. you can have sunday off or something to do jewish things or whatever i dont mind.

  3. Please go daily I would love that, thank you so much fro all the mentions, tweets , retweets etc it really means a lot and also thank you for being there for me even when non else has been. (if you know what I mean) thank you for making me laugh and smile, is there a place that we can send things to? #mossgang I love you Joe

  4. I like the idea of Daily Uploads versus Daily vlogs! When you did it last week when you threw the reaction to 'boys' in it spiced it up a little and it can be a good filler for those boring days where nothing happens

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