How to do a firmware update on your new 2016 Pioneer AVH radio

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WARNING!!!! The Radios Smart phone setting has to be on either iPhone-USB or Other-USB/MLT for this to work! The radio will not see the thumb drive and give you an error message.


  1. Hey guys, I have 2 questions.
    1. I bought my AVH-280BT on amazon and i'm in Kenya, the radio frequencies doesn't stop at even numbers e.g 91.4, 98.6 etc.. it skips from 91.3 to 91.5. I know these are American regional settings. How do I change the settings to African region.??

    2. I can play music through my USB but i can't play video. I have done the bypass but i still get this error, "viewing video source while driving is strictly…….." and the OK button is grey'd out. i can't press on it. How do i go about it.
    at times i get "file unsupported" error message. my videos are in mp4.


  2. Hey guys, I have a avh-x4700bs and I can't set my radio presets. There is no magnifying glass icon on the screen to access that feature. It used to be there but now it's gone. Any ideas?

  3. Hey guys, Im updating my avx 4700bs . I keep getting an error on the unit saying make sure there are no other files on the usb device. I even went back and reformatted the sandisk as fat32 which it was and it still does it. You think there are hidden files or something? I see a Data file on usb drives every now and then. Not sure. Its driving me crazy,lol

  4. hi,i have a pioneer AVH-X4800BS i use mp3tag to tag my music but when i play music with bluetooth i don't see the tags on my radio what can be the problem and how can i get it to work ?

  5. I am just wondering i have a Pioneer radio model avh-x2800bt but I can't find a update on pioneer website the closest model to my one is avh-x2800bs would that update work on my model

  6. is there a specific thumb drive i should use? i tried a couple different ones i had on hand but the update didn't start. before doing the update, i formatted the thumb drive to "Fat32" as per the directions and made sure there nothing else on the thumb drive before copying the update to the drive, but when i tried to run the update i got a error stating "make sure there is nothing else on the drive"

  7. Ditto ayoung2465 update… you guys are awesome. You helped me as well with the selecting at the time AVH-X5700BHS. It has worked great & watched this to learn how to do the Firmware update for version 8.31.
    It seems to have processed fine. Everything went the same as your video here. It said it was successful & okay to remove the USB. Which I have done, but it has stayed dark for 2 hrs 45 mins now.
    I'm trying to keep my faith that it will complete and come back on. In the mean time I've hooked up the trickle charger to make sure the battery doesn't die.
    This upgrade is suppose to include the update for Apple One, so maybe there is just lots of data that needs to be loaded…. I'm doing my best to keep the faith and remain faithful.
    I may have to call Pioneer tomorrow if it fails to load. I really don't want to have to use this as a boat anchor.
    Thanks for all you instruction videos.

  8. Five Star Car Stereo, you guys are awesome. Not only did you help me pick out my Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS out from all the other double din units out there, but you guys have helped me figure out how to hook up "true" mirror link, enabling me to hook up a XBox 360 and my cell phone to watch Netflix, DirectTV and Hulu but now you taught me to do filmware updates. Keep up the great work and THANK YOU again for all your help and advice.

  9. I'm having trouble updating firmware. i have the ash-x2800bs i have the firmware downloaded. i did the whole process but when i go to update the firmware it is not giving me the option to update… the software is in the usb and the stereo recognizes the usb. whats the problem?

  10. Hey guys – thanks for the videos! How do I get my pioneer AVH – X3800 BHS to recognize my flash drive? I'm using a SanDisk 64 GB flash drive and all that happens when I plug it in is a light on the flash drive just continues to blink, the head unit ask as if there is no flash drive and certain (USB is grayed out)? My iPhone works just fine when I plug it in… So I'm a bit confused here. Thanks in advance for any advice!

  11. I did the update on my 4800 and now it auto connects my ipod "which it did not before" but when I try to do the auto EQ its does everything just fine but it does not adjust the EQ like it did before…. anyone else having this problem? before the update the EQ would move to custom 1 and have a different curve now it just stays on the last one selected…… I think this update needs a fix "pioneer"

  12. thanks for the video.
    does the flash drive need to be FAT32 or NTFS?
    do we copy the zip file to the flash drive or do we decompress to the flash dive?

    which port on back of had unit do we plug into?

    sorry for all the questions,
    thanks again

  13. I am interested in the avh-x4800bs for my 2006 c230 Benz. If I wanted to update the firmware or use the usb drive, will I always need to pull out the radio from the dash to access the usb or does the radio slide out easily? What are the options? Thank you!

  14. Hello guys….great show like always….I have the AVH-X2700BS with an 8.40 firmware right out of the box. The receiver recognize my Galaxy S6 and I able to connect and play pandora via bluetooth and make calls and all that…but it doesn't connect by itself sometimes and I get this message about my phone not being registered and all that and I have to press the button to connect….now the firmware version on the website as of 2-16-2015 is 8.31…I was think on downloading this firmware to my radio and see if the problem goes away. What would happen if I do this? Will I damage the radio?

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