How to enable a disable iPhone without losing data

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  1. This tip was a lifesaver! So glad I was able to keep my precious photos. My 5 year old was playing with my phone and disabled it. Works just like in the video. Very easy!

  2. you are creating a video to figure out how to disable a iphone without losing data. I followed your exact steps and it did not work. This is false advertisement. I suggest you take it down or redo this video and do it right. Because by the comments on this video, this trick only helped one person. Most of the people who commented don't know the password to their phone and you do. I came here because I do not know my password and I thought this would help but it did not help at all. I did everything you said and it did not work. You wasted my time trying to figure this out with my phone. This did not help me at all. If this only helped one person then I doubt it could help me or anyone else.

  3. i did this and it was all working it said 'preparing to update' but then a window popped up with 'iPhone not eligible for update' is there anything i should do? i know it is not the latest version on the iPhone so should i try updating iTunes on my mac?

  4. Hi! I actually did the exact same process as shown but my iphone can't update, and it says that it can't be updated nd needs to be restored. The thing is that I have a lot of pictures and movies from my southmerica roadtrip that I did and I dont want to lose them. please help?

  5. Trying this on a disabled ipad.  Everything looked just like you showed with the iphone.  A message came up twice saying if it wouldn't let me upgrade the software I would have to restore and lose data.  So far it is letting me upgrade… only it says it will take 6 hours with my very slow internet.  Yikes.  In the meantime, after 30 minutes or so the screen changed from showing the cable and the ITunes circle and went back to saying it is disabled and a message came up on my laptop saying I needed to unlock my ipad and I didn't do anything but hit cancel and I can see the download of the upgraded software is still in process.  So I'm a little concerned that because of it taking so long and the screen going back to the disabled locked screen what will happen when the download finally gets done.  I wish it had stayed in that restore mode instead of locked mode.  Any suggestions??  cancel and restart everything where I can have a better internet connection maybe?  Or let it go and see?  If I download the upgraded softward on locked screen my concern would be I will no longer have an upgrade to try in that mode.  I hope that makes sense.

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