1. unfortunately, when i hold the home button and power button down at the same time, the screen goes black BUT when i let go, the screen goes right back to being frozen on the logo screen…helppppp

  2. That didn't help me guys i tried to update my IOS 9 and when the loading bar reached to the middle it stops and that apple logo showed up what can I do plz help (sorry for my english )

  3. Here's my problem: My phone was originally having a hard time functioning due to having too much storage. It started to freeze and then went into the "boot loop". I got it to start back up again after awhile of fiddling with the buttons, but then it froze again. Now every time I try to restart it (using the volume up button technique), it automatically goes into recovery mode. How can I get my phone back up and working without having to restore it to factory settings?
    Also another thing to mention is that my phone doesn't have a proper backup.

  4. Ok my phone keeps going from the booting screen and then after like 5 to 7 minutes and then in goes to a blue screen and stays that way for a minute or 2 and it goes back to the booting screen and repeats that how can i fix that

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