How to Recover iCloud Data

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Need to get back something you deleted on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac? If you’ve been using iCloud, you can probably get it back without the need for any additional software. The solution is pretty simple.

Just go to and sign in with your normal iCloud or Apple ID username and…


  1. Would love to see an advanced drobo video, currently having issues with a drobo containing photos library with added iCloud. For some reason the mac sees the library as being stored on the mac hdd…. but only on about this mac/storage but not on disk utilitys I think it's a bug! Anyone else had this?

  2. I'd appreciate a video that explains, if you know something about that, how to resolve iCloud Sync problems that affect both my iPhone 6Plus and iPhone 7 (the last one, recently). Everything I have tried (and it is a lot) didn't work. Also with really long conversations with apple customer care people. Since more than one year ago, I can't sync contacts, reminders and calendar on my iPhone until I do a hard reset. But if I do that, iCloud sync only works for a few hours. Synchronisation works fine, instead, on my Mac. My iPhone 7 worked fine until last month (more or less) and now it doesn't work anymore… I don't really know what to do more than that I have already did… Furthermore, I can turn off my iCloud account, or single apps sync, only after doing the hard reset of my phones. I think that this topic will be helpful to a lot of people, as I understood through my searches… My apologies for my long writing and for my English 🙂 Thanks

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