How to Reinstall Mac OS X Yosemite

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  1. Hey, can you help me?
    After I'm doing continue in the OS X page it says "An error occurred while preparing the installation. Try running this application again." I tried to do that again and it says the same thing. What do I need to do?

  2. What if the earth logo keeps on the screen telling" starting internet recovery" it may take a while" then keeps on telling should I do?pls help me can't use my MacBook

  3. Anyone know how to go back to Yosemite from el capitan, without loosing data , I haven't backed up for about two months, since installing el capitan it won't boot properly and error installing messages come on

  4. Hi, can you please help me. what is the reinstall for… I would like to restore my mac ,but I dont want to lose my video and photos of my kids. Can you tell me how to do a backup and what is time machine for… thank you

  5. Thank you for this tutorial! Two weeks ago I bought a new charger. The one that came with my laptop doesn't really work anymore so I used the new one. One time, I kept it charging for the whole night, which I don't think I've ever done before, and then when I put up the screen it restarted and that's when all of this started. My computer got really slow and froze a lot so I thought upgrading to the newest version of OS X Yosemite would help, but it seems like it just got even slower. I don't know what made it start acting this way. Maybe it was the new charger I bought? I would love to know your opinion on this. Do you think my computer got slower because of this charger situation? Or is there something more? And is it worth reinstalling?

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