How to Reset iPhone To Factory Default

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I show you how to restore your iPhone and erase all data. I also show you how to backup your data.

How to Backup and Restore from your old iPhone to a New One:

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  1. Help! I am panicking… Me Mum forgot the Passcode for the RESTRICTIONS on me iPhone 5 and she doesn't know it and I have
    REALLY IMPORTANT Bookmarks on Safari (Internet) and I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO RESET THE PASSCODE WITHOUT DELETING (Including me Bookmarks on Safari- Internet), me Photos (REALLY IMPORTANT), Contacts, Voice-Memo's (REALLY IMPORTANT), Text-Messages, Notes (REALLY IMPORTANT), and other things OFF OF ME Phone!!! (I cannot delete these items because they are REALLY IMPORTANT!!!)

    If I go into General and then Reset… I see "Reset All Settings". What does that mean? If I say "Aye" to that WILL IT DELETE ME Photos, Safari Bookmarks, Contacts, Voice-Memo's, Text-Messages, Notes, and other things off me Phone??? That is the part I am freaking out about it… Please help me! :O :O :O


  2. hey zolotech i hav an iphone 5 and i wanted to factory reset it but whenever i clicked on it,it asked for password of my icloud account which i dont remember everytime i try to reset it it ask's the password.I had find my iphone on.its been over a month but still i cant reset the phone pleaseeee helppp!!!

  3. Hey zollotech im a fan if we have ios 8.4.1 and we want erease content from our iPhone without updating i will do it from settings ? it is safe ?

  4. I want to make a iCloud email how can I get one when i open iCloud from the settings i enter my apple id a massage says that I have reached the maximum number of accounts on this iPhone
    My iPhone is iPhone 6 please help me ??

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