How to Restore an iPhone from an Updated iOS Backup

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If you just got a new iPhone, but your previous iPhone had a backup on a newer version of iOS and you can’t restore, this video will explain what you need to do. I walk you through the steps of how to get your backup restored onto your iPhone.

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  1. Is it normal not to be able login to iCloud while your apps are restoring? Also a lot of my apps are grayed out and some say waiting. I talked to an Apple employee about this and she said that since I had a 14GB backup that it might take a while. However I left my new iPhone sitting over night and this morning still no dice. I also read a post by Apple that said that for every gigabyte you're downloading that it can take form 1 to 4 hours each. I did the math and that means that I can be waiting for as long as 54 hours! At this point I have just been considering setting it up as a new iPhone and starting over. Arron if you're reading this please enlighten me on this and let me know that it will finish eventually. Thanks in advance and keep up on the awesome content.

  2. How to back up and restore from Iphone 6 to 5s but both of these phone got their apple ID which is already used 2 of these phone. If I want to change 5s to 6 but the 5s is not new phone and already have someone acc hope u understand

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