How To Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone 6/6s

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THE EASIEST WAY Using ITUNES. A Quick and Easy Tutorial on How to Transfer Pictures From Your PC to Your iPhone. & How to Remove them If needed.


  1. Recommend to use TunesGo (ios transfer) to add/ export/ transfer photos, other files from iPhone to PC, from iPad to iPhone,between iOS devices, or transfer files between iPhone and iTunes. most effective way.

  2. Well.. i know much about iphones and stuff like that, but i was struggling with another programm to import my pictures like i export them but it wasn't working.

    Thanks to you, and your videos you've created to help people like me.

    Ps: Now, that i know how to do, i could help my friends out! Subscribed too.

  3. This shit dosent work! not mad you… But is there any fucking simple way to transfer a photo from pc to iphone.. have tried for fucking 6 hours now… Why cant it be copy paste = done? fucking shit this is

  4. when i click "PHOTO", the screen shows " iCloud Photos is On, XXX can access photos in iCloud. Photos can be downloaded to your device via Wi-Fi or Cellular network." I cannot SYNC the photos as you teach us in the video! I would like to ask how can I transfer the photos from iMac to iPhone?!

  5. I dont get the option to sycn photos. THe cock sucker just says icloud photo is one. How do I change this bullshit? That cocksucker steve jobs should be brought back to life and kicked in the f8cking nuts. Coming from Andriod phones, this itunes bullshit is fucking retarded. Why couldnt have these motherfuckers just did what every windows phone does? Drag and drop.

  6. thanks.. I was really having trouble getting back my photos.. but they're coming out as separate files. for example if it was taken in 2013 there will be on the 2013 album instead of the camera roll one.. is there a possible way to fix this?

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