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  1. He didn't bypass shit. It was locked and he asked to erase the phone through iCloud so obviously after erasing the phone it's restored and unlocked, even Apple says this happens very clearly. Now try bypassing it without a password for the iCloud account.

  2. I need HELP MY IPHONE IS LOCKED I forgot my password and iCloud information because I lost this phone a while back I'm trying to reset it or I don't need my iCloud or password please help thank you

  3. What a lot of crap.
    Trying to do a Tuitional Video, in a children's dance party LOL.
    Or are you at Kindergarten, with Dance music?
    That noise is very Distracting, and annoying.

  4. Well, you're using your iCloud password to wipe the iPhone and reinstall the OS. But if the iPhone was stolen the one who stole wouldn't have your iCloud password or finger print. The phone will be iCloud locked forever and can be used only for parts and for nothing else. Probably you should show the audience what you were doing on your laptop.

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