iMovie 10.1 Update – New Features

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This video explains and shows the new features found in the iMovie 10.1 update.

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  1. does anyone know how to handle video with clips that have different FPS inside the movie?
    – I recorded vacation using iphone. Video is nice but after export some clips are choppy.

  2. How can I open an old unfinished project from iMovie, from before the update.. I can't find out how, overtime I open it, it shows up as just all the clips unedited. it would really help if you could answer.

  3. Great video, thanks for posting. I've recently travelled quite a lot and been disappointed that my footage from my Sony A6000 (50fps) and iPhone 6 (60fps) would be converted to around 30fps when I edited it through iMovie. Exporting in up to 60fps should be great!

  4. Hey man I was hoping if you can do a video on how to fix the "error exporting movie" I get it every single time I try to export a project through mobile. And it really stresses me out. Thanks

  5. Hi, great video. Any tricks / hacks on changing the output settings on "share – > file" settings?
    I wanted to increase the bit rate from the current maximum of 38.912 Mbps in 4k output.
    In FCPX i get about 50+ Mbps. / thanks and regards

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