iOS 9.3.4 JAILBREAK Achieved, iOS 9.3.3 No Longer Being Signed by Apple, iOS 10 Jailbreak?

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Here is a quick video on some important updates regarding a possible 9.3.4 jailbreak & more importantly, to inform you that Apple is no longer signing iOS 9.3.2 or 9.3.3.

As mentioned in the video, if you run into major problems and need to restore, DO NOT restore via iTunes. You will not be…


  1. I appreciate for u to b able to reply to me but i ve re-run my pp jailbreak app many times but it did nothing… After running the pp app wen i lovk my phne I am unable to get any notification or anything it just stays der whereas my fonts have completely changed from a stock ios device… So plz help me wat can i do?????

  2. I have jailbroken my phone n chaned d font strings using Bytafont 3 but mistakenly restarted my phne. When i switched it on,my cydia is crashing continuously n jailbreak isnt working except the fonts have changed…!!! How can i install cydia eraser now..??? Plzz plzz help me by replying..!!

  3. Okay if I don't use none of those file manager I'm straight like I don't play around with my phone tho cuz I recently jailbreak the phone so yeah I got few themes and few tweaks I'm good???

  4. could not open file /var/lib/dpkg/status – open (2 no such file or directory) and i dont have ifile installed either, this is RIP for my Cydia? Or still can b fix?

  5. I have a question… I jailbroke on 9.3.3 and I wanted to unjailbreak it so I restored to factory settings and everything got deleted but cydia…. How do I remove it for good? Plz help

  6. Brandon please please please please read this message . I think I downloaded a tweak on my iPhone 5s that started with an L and ended in color but I forgot the name I just upgraded it because it said it needed an upgrade and then my phone went into a boot loop and when I got out of the boot loop my phone wasn't jailbroken anymore and I tried getting rid of the boot loop with my computer and other ways but it didn't work and the boot loot was very long the first time was around 10 min and then the 2nd time was about a couple hours I fell asleep and when I woke up it still was on a boot loop. All I want to do is restore this phone and get rid of cydia and everything that has to do with jailbreak and also the boot loop wasn't were after a bit the phone will turn on the boot loop was different u had to turn off the phone by holding the power button and home button . And I also tried holding down the volume up and down button if that will help but I didn't

  7. i was jail broken then my phone died and when i tried to re-jailbreak it fails every time either getting stuck on boot up or it just reloads my phone with no jailbreak and cydia crashes…help im stressed

  8. I downloaded LOcksreen HTML 4 on one of your videos. And it screwed me over. Then they stopped signing right after. I wouldn't have gotten it unless it was safe and on your video. But thanks. ?

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