iPhone 4S Custom Firmware for libimobiledevice

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iPhone 4S Custom Firmware Ready
Please follow the libimobiledevice tutorial to restore on Windows. No MAC is required.

For legal actions and educational purpose only! Illegal use is prohibited.
I’m not liable for what you decide to do with this file and this method! You are the only one liable…


  1. +F.C.E. 365 TV

    Q: "How to fix the apTicket is misssing and unable to get shsh blobs"
    A: "That error appears because you most likely try to flash an old IPSW. You can't downgrade. You must make a CFW for the latest iOS version available 9.x"

    Could you please make in a near future a new/fresh tutorial for installing 9.2.x without Setup.app in iPhone 4s/5/5C for Windows (a lot of people in here do not have a Mac :v)

    Thanks in advantage GeoSn0w, good work mate keep it up! :)

  2. +F.C.E. 365 im mike and from Malaysia…i need help with my iPhone 4 running IOS 7.1.2, and it was locked recently due to email was forgot….then im bypass it based on your video but my carrier and network are not available…what was to be the problem???can anyone explain??

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