Iphone 6 6 plus 6s 6s plus ERROR 53 Touch ID ERROR RESTORE MODE BRICK

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Attempt in patching bypassing the FDR error with libmobiledevice for devices newer than 5s with bad or swapped out screens/touch ID sensors leading to error 53 bootloop… Not much success yet, some light editing buildmanifest.plist and several different restore options/commands… please leave…


  1. hello I'm from Brazil have an iphone 6 unfortunately broke the screen and flex home button did not know of the problems and tried now to update this giving ERROR 53 already went by authorized apple here and none offers a solution say q lost my device what I do ? from already thank you very much !

  2. The phone is not mine, got it for me after several workshops, the button replaced, but warned that cannot be updated. I explained to the customer that was looking for my button and then I can restore the phone! I want to try to transplant the original crystal buttons in another, of course if there original button.

  3. A7 and button touch id chip are "married"… Maybe swapping the chip from the old button on to the new one would be the only option if you have the correct soldering equipment.

  4. Change the flex button or reinstall with multiple button (if don't have the original "bug"), the way with not original is reinstall with lot of buttons. The 90% of 53 solution is change the flex in the middle of button and logic board, the 10% are inside of the original button (microsolding)

  5. sigh
    touch id is the problem. Only occurs when screen replaced by third party. no solution as of 19/01/2016 🙁 Apple will basically charge for replacement iphone (refurbish) $299usd for iphone 6.

  6. Dude you still trying . I heard iphone 5s dont have this problem because its not verified its only for iphone 6 6 plus and so on . Can you try to use some fdr lines from iphone 5s or you can also check iphone 4s's ipsw and then use it for ip6 . There must be some way by patching anything or by editing something please try harder there are lots of customers with error 53. I hope that you get success soon. Thanks in advance

  7. We weren't even warned and they allowed us to attempt an upgrade to the latest IOS. if there is a possible solution to save contacts from the red itunes/bricked phone it is welcome and will be payd for by many

  8. There are a millions of bricked iphones hanging around there selling in pieces cause of this error and if you manage to fix this you'll deserver to become owner of millions of money. Please team up with redsnow/evasion/Comrades because the customers are not used to be blamed for this error which Apple is doing. Fucking scammers. Wish you good luck on your work

  9. hey i have an iphone 6 …had a problem with the home button i changed it but now im stuck on error 53 and i dont have the original home button ….could you please tell me if this would work for me to bypass the error 53….thanks

  10. can u suggest me how to solve this problem my iphone 6+ thouch id belt is damage i purchase new belt..home button is working but touch id is not a same then updating error is 53 now how can i easy way to solve it problem???

  11. Can it work in future? And can it help with my problem? I have iphone 6 without original button, I tryed to update with iThunes, but it stuck with error 53. If somebody know the sollution, please help me.)

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