iPhone 6 : iOS 9.3.5 vs iOS 10 Beta 8 / Public Beta 7 Build 14A5346a Speed Test

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Apple released Beta 8 of iOS 10 August 26th 2016.
Apple is really rushing towards the finish line trying to get
every bit&byte in order for the final release. I am guessing
we still have one or two betas to go before we see a final build.
Well no news on any new features and functions in Beta…


  1. Androis devices like like 1.5 or 2 years of using it and the iPhones ? I think not and another good point 4 years and 5 years old iDevices are still receiving updates unlike android ones
    it all depends about the optimisation 🙂 as u can see the iPhone 6S is a 11 months old device and still beats the note 7 that is equipped with 4 gb of ram and an octa core processor and the iPhone 6S is just equipped with 2 gb of ram and a dual core 1.84 ghz processor and still keeps things running on the backroung but the note 7 keep reloading every app after closing it lol shame on samsung this problem was with the Release of the s6 and the s6 edge release even an iPhone 6 can be alot of times better

  2. Please do multitasking test. I wonder Ram management on iOS 9 and iOS 10 beta. Only safari test isnt enough. I wanna know other apps in RAM. Multitasking is important for me ;). Cause i dont close apps.

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