iPhone 6 Plus Baseband IC Reball repair (error 52 – Searching)

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I meant “lead-free solder” at minute 45…not leaded. The lead-free solder melts at a higher temperature, which keeps it in place when I apply the heat gun to the BGA chip.

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  1. Hi,

    I have here an iPhone 6+ with the next issue. When i put an sim in it works for about maybe half day. No problems, i can call send …

    And sometimes the signal drops and no service, i can try airplane mode nothing. Is this issue you think related with BB chip? Any help thanks

  2. Good Job. I also had the same issue with the BaseBand chip after water damage. it was a mess with corrosion on the bottom left of your view. It removed the GND and burnt out the BB_GPS_SYNC pad leading to the via. I had to make both traces before reflowing the chip back on. PS. You should remind yourself a bit more to enlarge the work area more. I know you do forget it when your in the middle of the job :D

  3. Well done dude! Great video! Faced exactly the same problem after a classic touch ic replacement on a 6+! The non underfilled BB Cpu seems to suffer very often after a severe drop. Greetings from Greece and thanks for sharing your work! What kind of hot air do you use? Is it Hakko?

  4. So 450C and around 60-70sec is ok for desoldering , i think even if there is underfill … i tried it on i5 nand and it desoldered smoothly without any lifted pads … u use also 450C for soldering the IC back ? Thank you, very good video ! Now i have to change nand chip on ipad air 2 , so i will use 450C for desoldering but i have to apply a lot of termal pads around.

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