iPhone 6S : iOS 9.3.4 vs iOS 9.3.5 Build 13G36 Speed Test

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Apple again surprised everyone by releasing iOS 9.3.5 August
25th 2016.
According to reports it was released to close some serious
security issues that was later reported by the New York Times.

Hopefully they have also fixed the accessibility issues.

And maybe just maybe had one eye on…


  1. I'd say update.. Regardless of wanting the jailbreak.. Security fix is just key.. iOS 10 has opened up a lot of things, added more to your iPhone and also gives you back a lot of storage.. When the jailbreak releases for that, just stick on iOS 10 for a few months.. But then again apple releases updates every 2 months average, or so.. Hard to judge whether the update is worth it or the jailbreak

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