iPhone 6S : iOS 9.3.5 vs iOS 10 Beta 8 / Public Beta 7 Build 14A5346a Speed Test

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Apple released Beta 8 of iOS 10 August 26th 2016.
Apple is really rushing towards the finish line trying to get
every bit&byte in order for the final release. I am guessing
we still have one or two betas to go before we see a final build.
Well no news on any new features and functions in Beta…


  1. That is when Apple is doing great job. Since every new release, iPhones have been running slower compared to their original firmware counterpart. Because of iOS 9's release (actually the worst ever ever ever), Apple has gotten back on its feet. iOS 10 is running so smoothly even on an iPhone 5 that a friend of mine owns. Wow. New firmware, more things to load, and still faster. I'm amazed

  2. Could u please have Everything Standard and The Apps at their Original Places instead of your Organising and actually how Apple does it without any Data, Apps and Photos?!?!

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