Purple Restore: Successfully Restored CFW and Fixed iBEC errors!

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Purple Restore: Successfully Restored CFW and Fixed iBEC errors!
Hi guys! As you probably know, until now, PurpleRestore NEVER let someone outside Apple Inc. to restore a Custom Made Bundle (CFW). The most common errors being iBEC getting rejected by device, or SSO AppleConnect failed, thus…


  1. ''Personalized install failed during preflight: this device isn't eligible for requested'' if someone knows something about the error help would be appriciated

  2. great job George i new you could do it great people does great things.now got two question when will be able to restore iphone 4s an will this purpel restore work on windows.

  3. Man you are a genius. And you are also a good man that shares this information with us. Now, speaking in theory, could it be possible to restore an iPhone4,1 to iOS 5.0? (We have all keys for it) And to any other iOS of which we have all keys? Will you make a video on how to prepare the restore/modify the bundle?

    Thank you very VERY much again for your work, keep going like that! :)

  4. Will it help to downgrade iPhone 5? 'Cause in your video you said that there in not enough keys for that. One more thing, do I need an old version of Itunes just like you, or I can do it with the new one? Thank you for sharing!

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