Remove icloud in all activated iphone ipad ipod mac and windows

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Remove icloud in all activated iphone ipad ipod mac and windows

After some test and undestending this bug this is the most simple way to remove icloud id and FMI from activated devices .
Works in all IOS and idevices ios 7.0 to 9.2 – in general you will need free icloud-id…


  1. Sad to say that apple is slipping on it's security abilities because I got this to work on the latest ios 9.3.2 on an iphone 6s plus I found in the park that had no passcode but had an active icloud signed in.

  2. Hello YouTube! One question: I have an iPhone 6 lost and erased and I've successfully get into iTunes(it is iCloud locked) with XAMPP. Will this method work from now on?

  3. Hola estoy intentando hacer este procedimiento en una ipad 2 8.3 ios, pero el proceso es de restablecer todos los ajustes lo hace muy rápido. y cuando suena y itunes me permite restaurar el backup ya esta la ipad en la pantalla de deslice para desbloquear. y me envia el mensaje que antes necesito quitar FMI para poder restaurarlo. ha alguien le ha pasado esto? Gracias

  4. Hello I'm trying to do on Ipad 2 8.3 ios but it's too fast the ResetAllSetting process and when itunes let me do clic on Restore Backup the Ipad is already in slide to unlock screen. and ask me to put OFF FMI.

  5. Okay so it works on iPhone 6 (9.2.1) did the whole process then proceeded to add my own steps.

    After you have "restored to your old backup" without the iCloud.
    Make another back up with old phone THIS TIME WITH YOUR iCloud acc in it, then Restore.
    BAM! the phone is now Permanently under your account.

    Lmk what happened's if you restore with this method.

  6. so these are steps i should do:backup my ios 6.x.x ipad with find my ipad off, connect the locked iphone 5 ios 9.1 and restore?(by the way ihave to connect it on recovery mode cause i dont have simcard, so itunes will just tell to put a simcard if i connect the iphone normally)

  7. my iphone is on icloud lock ios 9.1, i downloaded the folder from your website(it didnt need any key by the way) and put it in backup folder of the itunes. the thing is that if i plug my phone it wont be like your itunes but it keep asking me to activate my device, so i put it in recovery mode and restore it but itune wants to upgrade it and use its own firmware,-_-

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