WD My Cloud Can Now Auto Backup Photos and Videos – iPhone and Android

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Buy it on Amazon – http://lon.tv/5guv4 (affiliate link) – WD has implemented a long awaited smartphone automatic photo/video backup. The feature works on the latest My Cloud firmware update and supports both Android and iOS.

Once implemented the phone will upload all photos and videos to the My…


  1. Hi Lon,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 and the only pictures that seem to back up are screen shots; I assume those are stored on the phone's memory. Does it not back up photos if you have an SD card in the phone??

  2. I have a question about the My Cloud app for iOS, would it be possible to access an iTunes library stored on the NAS from outside the local network the box is connected to using the app, and to play, or even download media within the library on to the iPhone/iPad?

  3. Hello,

    Which WD My cloud do I need to get the feature to where the MyCloud is a mapped drive internal to my network and external? I don't want to have to use an app. I would like to save and open to a mapped drive rather than save to my computer then move it over.

    Thank you

  4. If I back up an old Desktop Mac to My cloud, does the content from my desktop substitute the content I had uploaded through my new laptop? Does it erase the documents I have on my cloud, to put the ones from the desktop?

  5. Hey Lon, Is there a way to view the contents of my personal could through the USB? Is there any cloud device that supports that functionality? The reason I ask this is because I have a few 4k videos that I would like to stream from the WD My Cloud, but unfortunately, it does not work using DLNA. So I have to resort to viewing it through the dedicated usb ports on the 4k tv.

  6. I have the 3tb mycloud . it does such a good job serving movies music and backing my photos .lately i bought the ex2100 mycloud server 12tb watching your reviews influenced my decision. thanks.

  7. hey lon luv your channel post comments on most of your videos can you please do a review of the lenovo y40-80 if u can will you be able to test out minecraft and assassins creed 3

  8. I set everything set up on my dashboard in mycloud mirror, but it doesn't seem to recognize my iphone 4s as a camera. I don't seem to have the same dark interface as you. And I had to do my set up in the Back-up tab on the dashboard and you seem to do it on the settings tab. In my iphone 4s settings however, I did turn off the "icloud" transfers.

  9. l have been using a my cloud for about a year after watching your great vids

    i did my update today and the my cloud forgot my shares ! and no files were visable when i recreated the shares (exactly the same names) all my files were still there

    prob a glitch but one to watch for

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